An iceberg is a great representation of the mind! The visible portion above water represents your conscious mind, while the vast majority of the iceberg lays underwater - hidden from plain sight - yet it is the part that you don't see that has the power and control.

Many people don't understand how to use their mind to effect their lives to provide the life they want.

Below is a simplified explanation as to how your mind works and how hypnotherapy can change your life!

Conscious Mind:

Retains and remembers the events and feelings of approximately the past 90 minutes only.

  • Analysis:  If I asked you the answer to 2+2 – it is your conscious mind that would process the       information and provide the answer of 4.

  • Decision making: Should I drive or walk?

  • Rational thinking: I'll walk so I don't have to pay for parking.

  • Will power: I'm not eating sugar today. I'm not eating sugar today. I'M NOT EATING SUGAR TODAY.

  • Working memory: Phone numbers, passwords, addresses etc.

Mind Model v3.JPG

Critical Factor:

Think of the Critical Factor acts like a membrane which allows certain information to pass from the conscious mind into the subconscious mind.


Subconscious Mind:

Permanent memory from approx. 5 months after conception. Holds emotions, values and beliefs.


Unconscious/Superconscious Mind:

Automatic bodily functions and immune system.

This graphic and the following explanation is based on Gerald F. Kein's "The Mind Model"

Let's get back to the Critical Factor. Think of it like a membrane or a gate keeper which decides what information gets discarded and what information flows through into the subconscious mind. The Critical Factor will only allow information into the subconscious mind which is familiar and that which the subconscious already believes – in a sense, it duplicates the information already held. THIS IS WHY we self sabotage and why we are unable to manifest our desires within a specific area of our lives - and this is the answer to my question "why do we all have different problems?"!!!


The Critical Factor develops around the age of 6 years old – everything before that flows straight into the subconscious mind (Parents!!!!!). The subconscious mind holds every initial moment and piece of initial information that we experience and then once the critical factor develops, the only information that goes into the subconscious is that which duplicates the information already there or completely new information that is unique to the Critical Factor.


So, lets put this in terms of YOU. If you have been trying tirelessly to obtain a goal, accomplish a feat or manifest your dreams – if you have limiting beliefs about money, health, love, etc. then it will be extremely difficult for you to change those limiting beliefs (but not impossible with time and commitment) without reprogramming your subconscious mind with new beliefs.


This is where hypnotherapy comes in. Hypnotherapy allows us to bypass the Critical Factor and provides direct access to your subconscious mind!!! Working together, we will get rid of old programming that no longer serves you and then reprogram your subconscious mind to allow for productive and limitless beliefs!