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Career transitions can be confusing and difficult to navigate.


My signature method, combining hypnotherapy and alignment coaching, will help you:

  • gain clarity

  • remove limiting beliefs

  • reign in your mind-chatter

  • learn how to align with opportunities

  • AND create a massive shift in your life.

Are you spinning your wheels to figure out your next career move feeling stuck, discouraged and defeated?

The secret to creating change in your life is learning how to utilize the theta brainwave pattern to your advantage.


​When you are in a state of hypnosis, the theta brainwave is active and it is so important to learn how to control your conscious mind to utilize theta during your waking state.

This is where real change happens. It's how I changed my life.

This method will create the landscape for massive change in your life too!

Sound familiar?

Do you feel completely stuck and not sure what's next - but know you need to do something different.

Do you know the perfect career is out there for you but you don know what that is or how to get it?

Do you think you need to know what career you want before you start working towards it?

But you have no idea what that is?

Do you judge yourself for not making better career decisions?

Have you unhappily settled for the job you're in?

Do you feel like there has got to be more to life than doing mundane tasks for minimal money?

Do you want to enter the corporate world but have no idea where to start?

Do you keep getting passed up for promotions?

Are you working towards a promotion but worried about the learning curve?

Do you want to exit the corporate world but you're scared?

Are you an entrepreneur at heart but that right idea hasn't come to you yet?


If you answered yes to any of the above

then I bet the below is equally as true:

There are a million reasons why the career you want is out of your reach.

The little voice in your head keeps telling you why it wont work out.

You feel stuck, discouraged and defeated.

Every time you think you figured it out - your mind starts poking holes in your plans.

You think your only choice is to go back to school.

You have a busy and full life and its not the right time to start over.

You feel like you don't have options and you'll have to just live in the stuckness.

You're absolutely sick of accepting less than you deserve.

Uhg, I can relate!

I spent a good portion of my life knowing there was more for me but accepting way less.

It was the worst!

I let myself sit in feelings of stuckness - discouraged and really believing that they way to my dream life was to work harder and longer - and if I wasn't reaching my

goals then I needed to do more.

I built walls surrounding career and striving for more money which just

compounded my limiting beliefs.

Feeling stuck feels like dense energy.... its draining.

So I sacrificed.

I put myself in a box and decided which wonderful things I could do without.


I shrunk myself to fit into that box because there was no way out.

Why didn’t I make different decisions – when I chose my path, I could feel my inner guidance telling me it wasn’t right – but I had no idea what inner guidance was at the time. I didn’t know I had any control over my mind – I allowed it to control me.

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And then everything changed.

I stopped focusing on the hustle and expanded my awareness.

I learned about alchemy, manifestation, the subconscious mind, brainwave patterns and so much more.

Since that time when I unstuck myself, I cannot express all the wonderful opportunities have presented themselves to me!

I became a Certified Hypnotherapist and started my practice as a side-hustle and

new energy entered my life. I started a company, Precious Pinecones, that offers free audio bedtime meditation stories and nighttime affirmation recordings for kids since most of our belief systems stem from childhood. Precious Pinecones is one of the many ways I give back in one of the most impactful ways I can imagine.


 Everything started working out for me. 

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That career that wasn't working out for me lead to several promotions to be a key player in a newly developed department within my company and several bonuses and raises over the course of a few years

(even through covid).

No forcing.

No figuring it out.

Just alignment.

 Then the energy shifted. 

That inner guidance that I ignored so many times in the past was screaming at me.

Screaming at me to help others align with the live they desire.

So here I am.

I am so confident in my work as a hypnotherapist & alignment coach that I took the chance and

 I ditched the day job. 

For years I have helped my clients overcome faulty thought patterns and limiting belief to create massive success in whatever area of life they wanted to upgrade!


Bragging rights

I introduced Alignment Coaching to my practice because I noticed that may clients were relying on themselves having subconscious blocks and / or limiting beliefs - when the truth is they just needed guidance on how to over-ride their default programming.

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So, here's the thing...

The Framework(8).png

You're not wrong for wanting more. You're not selfish for wanting more - or any of the other ridiculous things you say to yourself.


Paradigms are shifting.

You are becoming aware of your own power to create the life you want without passively accepting what is in front of you.

I know you can hear it too - that's why you're reading this.

That feeling inside of you right now - that feeling that is resonating with what I'm saying - that is your inner guidance nudging you

- nudging you and telling you it's time.

Untitled design(8).png

What I can tell you with ABSOLUTE certainty is that you’re already aligning with the energy of your new life.

That’s why you feel uncomfortable

That’s why your energy feels disturbed.​

There was a time that you were fine and happy in your life – you were content and satisfied in this area – but something has changed and you’re getting glimpses of your next level.

You’re ready for more and its your energy that is screaming at you to get out of your own way.

You can feel it, can't you?

So you have a decision to make.

You can continue to stuff it down just because you can’t see how it will happen

– or you can step into it.

You can experience the joy and happiness and love and fulfillment

I know you are starving for.


I know... I know...

You want more for your life but you don't think you need a coach.

You don't!

There is a ton of free information out there (including on my own YouTube channel and live streams) and you can absolutely figure this out for yourself.

You know that and I know that.

There are a million coaches out there. What makes ME different?!

The value that I bring is my powerhouse combination of hypnotherapy and alignment coaching. This is my signature offer that worked so well for me.


I spent years as a hypnotherapist, helping my clients create massive shifts in their lives but the one major issue I noticed is that my clients had no idea how to deal with the conscious mind and kept booking hypnotherapy sessions believing that the reason why they were not getting the results to manifest was a subconscious block.

A subconscious block will sabotage you but so will your default programming. The secret to manifesting your dream life is the alignment of your subconscious mind and your conscious mind.

You don't have the time:

You have the time - this just isn't a priority for you yet.

If this is the case then we are not a right fit to work together yet - I am selective with who I work with and if you are not there yet then I completely understand.


I am currently rolling my Aligned Private Coaching program into a digital course, Aligned Society, which will allow you to absorb the information at your own pace; along with access to me via live coaching calls where you can ask all the questions you want!

Get on the wait-list now to be part of my premier group and special premier pricing!

(for those who work with me privately, you will also have access to all course materials and coaching calls)

You think you need to have a direction of what you want first.

MAN! Did I ever used to think this!!

Let me give you some free advice:

figure out how you want to FEEL and allow universal intelligence to show you the way.

You're not ready.

This is so normal and in fact this will prevent you from even getting started. This is the reason why people stay stuck and their dreams stay dreams.

​One of the plights of the human experience is that we will allow ourselves to never reach out true potential because we are waiting to feel ready.

Most times, feeling ready will come when you are so sick of your own sh!t that you have allowed everything to fall apart first - that's when you'll feel ready.

The magic and miracles are in the momentum - which means you have to start.

If you're still not ready, get on the wait-list for my soon to be released Aligned Society digital program and take it from there.


The extremely powerful theta brainwave is the access point to the subconscious mind.


While our brainwaves are in theta, we are in a deep state of relaxation and the conscious mind is quiet.

The secret to change is knowing how to utilize this properly.

This is how change happens!

The Framework(11).png
The Framework(11).png
The Framework(11).png
The Framework

My programs are heavily based on the amazing theta brainwave pattern - this is when we are our most suggestible.


This is why hypnotherapy works so well - we get you into a state where the theta brainwave is active.


It is through the theta brainwave that we can directly access the subconscious mind.

What many people don't know is that our brainwaves cycle in and our of theta all day and night and my Aligned Private Coaching program is designed to guide you through utilizing it at full capacity.

I have spent years guiding my clients to create massive change in their lives by helping them understand how powerful theta is and how to utilize it properly.

The Framework(9).png

So, how does this work?

The Framework(9).png

We will work together over ~7 weeks.

Each week will either be a Coaching Call or a Hypnotherapy Session.

The program is designed to compound information and help you gain momentum so various exercises will be assigned for each week.

All sessions are ~90 minutes long and via Zoom.

Coaching calls will be recorded and sent to you so you can listen to them again.

These calls are very high-vibe.

Below is a general framework but please note that each session is heavily customized based on what is best for YOUR alignment.

wEEK 1:

1st Coaching Call.

  • I want to hear all about you.

  • What you want, what you don't.

  • Factors that are involved in your decisions - EVERYTHING!

  • This call will be focused on everything that needs to change and the reasons why.

  • Discuss implementation of my Strategies for Success

wEEK 2:

2nd Coaching Call.

  • Understanding the subconscious mind, belief systems & how they create your life.

  • Conscious mind default programming and how to over-ride them.

  • Understanding brainwaves and using them to your advantage.

wEEK 3:

1st Hypnotherapy session - clarity!

wEEK 4:

3rd Coaching Call.

  • Understanding vibrational frequency

  • Managing manifestation

  • Inner Guidance

wEEK 5:

2nd Hypnotherapy Session - removing limiting beliefs!

wEEK 6:

3rd Hypnotherapy Session - locking in your new life!

wEEK 7:

4th Coaching Call

Success Strategies moving forward


All private clients will have access to the Aligned Society digital course and access to the Facebook group and all coaching calls once the course has been launched!

The Framework(4).png


The entire Private Alignment Coaching Package is normally $1,500 but is

currently priced at..


wait for it......

$600.00 (CAD)

Sounds too good to be true, right?!

Let me explain. I am in the middle of developing my digital program so I have lowered my private coaching price for a very limited time.

This provides a dual value!


By working with people at a lower price point - my coaching is accessible to more people which will help me develop various stages of my digital course!

And YOU get extreme 1:1 value!

I am very serious about creating a massive impact and bringing the most value to the Aligned Society digital course - which lead me to lower my private coaching price in the meantime.

  Let me be totally honest:

I intend to release the Aligned Society digital course in the autumn (2021) and at that point, my price point for private coaching will return to a more appropriately valued price.

So what I'm saying is - if you are resonating with everything I have said so far AND you were delighted to see the current price - the stars have aligned!

  One last thing:

OBVIOUSLY, with a deal this good - and available for such a sort time frame - I can't work with everyone.

I am happy to work with people who are just starting their journey of empowerment and I am also happy to work with people who are well on their way and just need some fine tuning - both camps are welcome!


So who is this NOT for:

This is not for the person who is only interested because of the price point but not ready to do the work.


Changing the programming that has been compounded over the years is not a walk in the park.


This takes conscious and subconscious work and it can get messy.


I will ask you to complete various tasks throughout the program, based on your sessions, and I expect you to complete them.


I only work with people who are serious about making a massive shift and I will commit myself to helping you get there - but in the end, it really does come down to you.


This is not for you if you are still committed to the story you're telling yourself.


If you're not ready to let that go so you can make space for something new - private coaching is not for you yet.


But I would suggest you get on the Aligned Society wait-list and start with the digital course - this will guide you through the key concepts and join the coaching calls. This would be a more appropriate place to start. There is also a ton of free information online for you to dive into!

  The Next Step:

Now that we have all that out of the way -

If you're ready to secure your spot then click the button below to  start a dialogue and tell me a bit about yourself, what you want to overcome and create in your world. Please also include what your availability is like for your sessions.

We will then schedule a Strategy Call where we can go through scheduling and some of the finer details.

If you have some questions and want some more information then click the button below to email me.