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This is hands down the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.
I was suffering from some pretty severe PTSD from a car accident, which resulted in me being too anxious to drive, or even cross the street without panicking, if I’m being honest.
Adele was so kind and compassionate, and so positive about how hypnotherapy could help me, that I finally felt like I was going to get some relief.
I GOT SO MUCH MORE THAN JUST RELIEF. Im happy to say that after one session, and an amazing meditation/visualization recording Adele created specifically for me, I was able to drive again! My first time on the road after our session, I drove on the highway, which is normally major panic mode for me, with barely any anxiety at all!

It’s actually amazing.
Thank you, so so so much, for giving me my life back (and now I’m tearing up a bit). I feel like a new person :)


I decided to call Adele after years of battling anxiety. Something no one wants to admit. So you feel alone. It can be very debilitating. I am an outgoing person but sometimes this feeling can really put a damper on things. From the moment I talked to Adele I was put at ease. With just a few simple words. “It’s not the first time I’ve heard this”. Adele is so easy to talk to and the best part was having her come to my house. Adele’s sessions really put things into perspective for me. I use the tools I was given everyday and it has really helped me.


This had to be one of the most sensational experiences in my entire life! Let me share my story. I had been wanting to change my lifestyle for a while being unhealthy and unfit seemed to be increasingly taking over my whole life! I had seen a Facebook post about mindful hypnosis on Adele’s page and it just hit me- that’s it that’s how I am going to quit! And today voila it happened and over Skype to boot. It was emotional and over joyous at the same time apparently I went super deep which made my experience that much better and Adele’s voice was there with my sub conscience the entire time. I highly recommend even reaching out to chat with this girl for she is so motivating and inspirational you will be amazed at what your own body can do when you put your MIND to it. Thank you so much Adele for giving me day 1 back for the rest of my life;) 5 year goals baby!


I had the pleasure of working with Adele to help finally kick my terrible habit of smoking after 20 years. I felt very comfortable with Adele and I am happy to say that I have been smoke free for 57 days now. I will be booking another session with Adele for something else and I can't thank her enough for helping me finally quit this nasty habit. Thank you Adele!



I met with Adele with the hopes of finally kicking my nasty 20 year smoking habit. I was open to the process, and she put me completely at ease. I’m happy to say, aside from a few Extremely minor setbacks, I have been smoke-free since our session. And because of my success my husband has quit too! I cannot stress enough how much my hypnosis session with her helped me. I would go back to her in an instant if I need it to, and I will be recommending her to my friends.


I felt very comfortable with Adele during my first session. I have struggled with generalized anxiety and lack of self-confidence for most of my life. Even after just completing one session with her, as time went on, I began to notice that I was stepping out of my comfort zone a lot more often than I would have. My outlook on life became more optimistic and I no longer felt like I needed fear to stand in the way of my life. Since then, I have found my life to be moving towards exactly what I have always dreamt and I’m glad Adele was able to help me realize my true potential.


I saw Adele with Mindful Abundance Hypnotherapy about 2 weeks ago to finally stop smoking. Happy to announce I have been smoke free for 2 weeks! That's the longest I've been able to quit since I started. I did light up once, a few days after our session, but it tasted so disgusting I put it out after 1 puff and haven't touched it since!
Be serious about quitting if you go see Adele because it works! I couldn't be happier!


It was recommended to me that I should try hypnotherapy to help me work through a variety of different concerns I was trying to deal with, such as my anxiety, my need for control, my inability to let things go, my grief etc.

I was hesitant initially, but I had my first Skype session with Adele and it was incredible.

On her website she states “think of it like an upgraded form of meditation” which I think it very accurate.

She was very professional, focused specifically on what I wanted her to focus on and explained the entire process very clearly from start to finish. I will absolutely be booking additional sessions with Adele and would highly recommend Adele with Mindful Abundance! 


I've used Hypnotherapy as part of my wellness routine for a while but I've never done it over Skype.

Adele assured me that remote sessions are equally as effective but I have to admit,

I was skeptical. Scheduling our session was so convenient and being able to have our session in my own space was very comfortable and astonishingly - I had a great session and it really was just as effective as being there in person - possibly even more relaxing since I chose to do it in my own bed.

For anyone on the fence about remote sessions - it works great! I'm sold and will continue to work with Adele via Skype!


 Before I met with Adele, I didn’t understand hypnotherapy. I had heard about people using it for things like smoking or weight loss, and I likened it to seeing a mentalist or performer on stage. 

 Adele explained that everyone can benefit from hypnotherapy, from relaxation techniques, to overcoming personal struggles, and after an in-depth conversation, I was eager to try it as I realized it may be a fit for me. 

 My body was really fighting the process of hypnotherapy, but Adele assured me that I would have full awareness and control over my body. She was easy to work with, and made me quite comfortable during the process.   Process was incredibly peaceful and I am already seeing improvement after just two sessions! 

I would absolutely recommend Adele and Mindful Abundance Hypnotherapy! 


​Working with Adele has been a wonderful experience! I wanted to try hypnotherapy because I have been in a negative cycle lately. Adele was very interested in what I needed to help me get past by negativity and custom wrote content for me which was exactly what I needed to hear. I definitely recommend Adele and I am so happy to move into a more positive life.


Adele and I did my first session working on subconscious reprogramming and it was an enlightening experience! She explained the whole process very well and made me feel very comfortable throughout the entire session. Adele is an exceptional person who truly cares and you can see her passion to help others make positive changes in their lives. I can't wait for my next session!!


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