Career Transitions

Career transitions can be confusing and difficult to navigate.


My signature method, combining hypnotherapy and alignment coaching, will help you gain clarity, remove limiting beliefs, reign in your mind-chatter and learn how to align with opportunities that will create a massive shift in your life.

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Are you ready to....

Pink Peony

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I understand. I can relate. I know what you're going through because I have been through it all.

I had no idea what my passion was.

People telling me that I needed to figure out what I wanted annoyed me. How am I supposed to know that unless I knew that.

I thought my career oath would have been more fulfilling but I convinced myself that I could create opportunities. Which never came.

- So, one day I received a universal nudge to become a hypnotherapist and I went down that rabbit hole QUICK. I had never resonated with something so strongly before.

My focus shifted to building my own hypnotherapy practice.


My practice grew quickly, and as it did, those opportunities that didn't show up came thundering in. I was offered promotions and to help create a department that was regulated by the provincial securities commission. I obtained additional credentials that provided more promotions.

I had to make a choice - and I chose to continue climbing the corporate ladder - I finally had some traction and can create the life I wanted.

And then it ended. Which is a story for another time.