Why your energy feels uncomfortable. A message from Universal Intelligence.

When you are just about to realize something new into your life, you exist outside of your comfort level for a while and those periods of time that are uncomfortable – is actually your energetic body indicating to you that its time to rise.

So what do you do in those times… most times you fall back into the comfort level that feels safe.

We are conditioned to seek safety out at all costs.

So in essence, we are programmed to chose the failure we know,

The failure we can anticipate, the failure we know – we place a higher weighting on the risks then on the faith – and that is the issue.

In a nutshell that is everyone’s issue.

Your world will change drastically if you placed a higher weighting on faith. Faith in yourself that it would work out as opposed to not.

Faith that you manifest your entire life – but you continuously focus on what isn’t working – which brings more of the same.

And then you complain.

And you think manifestation is woo-woo because your life didn’t change – but you did manifest – just not what you wanted.

Put just as much power behind faith that all this is 100% true.

Remove doubt from your mind and your life will flourish in ways you would never imagine. Complete faith. Allow it.

So those comfort zones need to be raised out of – step into that frequency – understand that feelings of discomfort, anxiety, sadness are all just you shedding those negative emotions. Let that energy flow – it’s trying to leave but you guys just keep forcing it back in.

You need to make room for the new frequency – it’s lighter – it’s not as dense – so it will need more room.

Feel the emotions when they come up. Let the energy move – you will get to your next level quicker.

The equilibrium will happen sooner.

You will always feel uncomfortable when you are raising in your frequency – when your vibration is increasing – when you are entering a new phase.

Everything is energy – and that is energy. How else would you expect it to move? Physics is much more vast then you think it is.

Get acquainted in your discomfort because you can learn a lot from it.

You can learn how the energy sits inside of you and that is valuable information. You can count on that energy to always lead you in the right direction. And that will bring you to a new phase, should you walk with it, and a new thing to feel uncomfortable about will present itself in a way you cannot currently predict.

And then what… do you revert back?

Or do you step into it because you now focus on faith.


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