• Adele Akrong

Alignment vs. Resistance: The reason why you're not manifesting!

Updated: Jun 4

You are, probably, creating and manifesting from a place of resistance.

Here’s the thing. You know what you want to manifest and you are intentional about bringing it into your life – but you feel lack of that thing.

You are manifesting more money – but you can feel the pressure of not having enough in your

current reality. When you focus on, and bring money into your intentional awareness, it is from a place of lack.

You are manifesting a true love connection – you cannot wait for your forever person, the person who will love you deeply. But you can feel that ping of loneliness or jealousy when you see others who have what you want.

You are manifesting perfect health - by focusing on not being sick.

Do you see the common thread?

When I first started to learn about alignment, it was a concept that took some time for me to fully understand and apply to my own life but now that I have a deep understanding - I want to shout it from the roof tops or go around shaking people!

You see, everything is about alignment(!!!) and you are always aligned. Your current life is showing you what you have been aligned with up until now (minus some lag time).

Now here is the secret – you are aligned with what you don’t want due to

the law of resistance.

Resistance is the mofo that is in your way – and to understand alignment, we must first understand resistance and to first understand resistance, we need to understand the negativity bias.

Our brains have a predisposition to look for threats, to look for dangers – this made inherent sense back in caveman times as it was crucial to be acutely aware of sabre tooth tigers, threats to our environment and other people.

Being aware of the dangers of our environment was absolutely necessary to survival.

The hard wired negativity bias never went away but evolved to create a lot of stress and anxiety.

We are constantly focused on what we do not want as opposed to what we do want. This is resistance.

It takes intentional effort to over-ride the hard-wired negativity bias.

Luckily, neuroplasticity is a thing!

This means that we can intentionally create new neuropathways in our brains to look for the good, look for the opportunities and the solutions and to create what we do want – we just need to teach ourselves how.

So how do we do this.

First you need to become aware of your beliefs that surround what you are manifesting.

If you believe that when you reach your financial goals, unwelcome people will ask you for 'loans' and drain your fresh-water reserve of all your money – well, you’re blocked.

The universe, source, God, the creator (whatever you want to call the highest power) cannot give you something you are actively repelling.

That is just not how the law of attraction works – and the law of attraction is always working.

Beliefs are held in your subconscious mind and usually go way back to when you were a child. We inherit beliefs – we soak the up – belief osmosis, if you will.

We see this every day, all day.

Take notice of your family or friends lives…. What works out for them? What were they raised to believe?

Do they maintain the same belief structures as their parents or grandparents?

What doesn’t work out for them? Where do they feel they are consistently falling short?

If their life is drastically different from how they were raised - what happened? What perspective shift created that?!

Was it a positive change? Hallelujah to breaking generational curses!

(PS. It would be good for you to find someone who is living under different circumstances then they were raised – use this as a bridge to belief that you can also alter your belief system and change your life!).

Do you need hypnotherapy to change your belief systems? Absolutely not!

Hypnotherapy is an effective tool to access the subconscious mind, with a trained professional, who can guide you through accessing faulty and out dated belief systems, resolving the thought pattern and creating new beliefs that are aligned with your future - that is the gold of hypnotherapy – BUT you can also do this yourself and I will teach you how – I am creating a program based on this (subscribe to be notified!).

I have a successful hypnotherapy and alignment coaching practice but I taught myself how to get unstuck and you can as well – but I will say this – do yourself a favor and make it a priority in your life.

This is can and will change the entire trajectory of your entire life – and it is so much easier to do when you are in a happy place as opposed to waiting until the world crashes down to make a serious shift (although we tend to wait until the universe sends us a swift kick in the butt).

Once you become aware of all your belief systems and where they came from – you need to challenge yourself and your thinking. “Rich people are selfish” – there are tons of people who aren’t and why on earth would you buy into the idea that if you had more money than you knew what to do with that you would all of a sudden become a rich, selfish douche? Of course you wouldn’t.

I know this from experience and as a fact – money will only amplify who you already are.

So if you turn into a douche, I hate to tell you this, but you already were.

This holds true for whatever it is that you are manifesting (or currently resisting).

Now here is the thing – you have your desires for a reason – I truly believe that the thing you desire will put you on a path that will create your highest life! Once you lean into your desires and figure out how to get in alignment – you will receive nudges to take inspired action – and when you take that inspired action, CONGRATS you are on the path!

Now your job is to allow the process to continuously present itself to you until you can’t even identify with the limitations you currently believe right now.

We have this annoying habit of end-of-the-line thinking – this idea that because you cannot figure out how to get there right now or what all the steps will be, its not achievable and you don’t even start.

AHHHHHH this is the one thing I need you to understand - yes you can!

Your desires are your own markers that are eagrly waiting for you to believe in yourself enough - but you are denying them!

I can help you get unstuck. In fact, it would be my pleasure.

Schedule a free consultation today.

Forever Grateful.