Man, did I ever have a hard time figuring out what I wanted. Here's the way out!

It was really hard for me to figure out what I wanted. I went to school for psychology and then interior design and then project management and even paralegal but nothing fulfilled me. When I finally decided that I have had enough and I need to find something I am passionate about, something with a ladder that I can climb and something that I can make a home out of - I found myself even more discouraged. I kept trying to tell myself what I needed - and at the time it was to get back into project management.

But no matter what I did and how I marketed myself - it just wouldn't happen, I couldn't even get a call back.

Luckily, the timing coincided with a move out to the 'burbs and a longer commute to work. I used this time to listen to podcasts and it didn't take long to realize that many of the most successful people contribute their success to a mindfulness practice and a healthy mindset.

I started to meditate and went through all those trials and tribulations but finally figured it out and began to switch my focus from my limited view of "project management will fulfill me" to "I want to feel fulfilled in my career" and allowed whatever to come. It wasn't even a few months into that when hypnotherapy came to me! And it was PERFECT and something I never would considered before but when I say it is the PERFECT career for me, it truly is absolutely PERFECT! I get to help people become empowered in their own life - what larger impact can someone make?!

I get to help people find their joy and release the weight holding them down.

Now I look back and feel like I dodged a bullet.

Ok so here's the thing. You need to start with how you want to FEEL when you achieve whatever you are working towards. Decide that FEELING. We all know that we are too limited to be able to know all the ways that thing will come to us... so decide how you want to FEEL and release all other expectations as to how you will get it... literally surrender to that feeling.

Then sit back and pay attention to the opportunities and possibilities that come forth over the next little while. What I can tell you with 100% certainty is that this works. And if it doesn't, it's likely because you're resisting your current situation and that will always push what you want away (what you resist persists).

So... how do you want to feel... surrender and focus on achieving that feeling... catch yourself if you are resisting and check yourself... then watch all the unanticipated ways it comes to you.

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