HI! I'm Adele

I fell in love with hypnotherapy during my own

journey of un-stucking myself and needed

to bring this wonderful technique forward into

the world.


At the time, I was still climbing the corporate

ladder so I started my practice as a side

hustle because I knew I needed

to make an impact in other peoples lives

and I knew that hypnotherapy was an incredibly underrated tool.

I noticed that a large part of what my clients struggled with was to manage their conscious mind and to align it with all the work we did in the subconscious mind. Clients were booking more hypnotherapy sessions then they needed - and my Alignment Coaching was born.


Below is my story:

There were many aspects of my life that I loved – but that one area (in my case the career I created) of my life that I so desperately wanted to improve – bled over into other areas.

​On the outside, no one would have known.  I was struggling inside.

Having a fulfilling career meant a lot to me – I needed to feel like the work I was doing mattered, I needed to know I could grow into something more – I needed to know I could financially support my family – I needed to know that there was something more than what I was currently experiencing.

But, I couldn’t see it.

I knew that the career I created wasn’t right for me – it wouldn’t give me the life I was so eager to live.

So I sacrificed.

I put myself in a box and decided which wonderful things I could do without.

I shrunk myself to fit into that box because there was no way out.

I was pregnant at the time and although I was overjoyed – that was the trigger that made the walls start to close in faster…. and faster and faster.

I felt suffocated.

How on earth was I going to create something new when I have a child. We live hundreds of miles away from friends and family support. My husband has a demanding, deadline driven career – so I knew that doctors appointments and daycare duties and sick time were all on me.

How was I supposed to create something new when I can barely breathe from all the barriers that were piled on top of me.

Why didn’t I make different decisions – when I chose my path, I could feel my inner guidance telling me it wasn’t right – but I had no idea what inner guidance was at the time. I didn’t know I had any control over my mind – I allowed it to control me.

And I sunk deeper.

I had a great life in every other aspect and there was so much for me to be grateful and thankful for but I resisted allowing myself to feel any peace because I thought I would just keep getting what I’m getting.


I felt like the power was in the striving for more – the power was in the discontent.

​Allowing myself to appreciate and be happy in my life made absolutely no sense.

I went down the rabbit hole and I figured it out.

Today – I live a very different life – exceedingly happy in every area – especially career!

Since then, my career has taken several different turns and wonderful opportunities began showing up for me that gave me the fulfillment that I craved. I started listening to inner guidance and following it – which has led me here – to help you align with the life you know is so close.

You know its close because you can feel it.


This is what I know with 100% certainty:

you’re already aligning with the energy of your new life

that’s why you feel uncomfortable

that’s why your energy feels disturbed.


There was a time that you were fine and happy in your life – you were content and satisfied in this area – but something has changed and you’re getting glimpses of your next level.


You’re ready for more and its your energy that is screaming at you to

get out of your way.


So you have a decision – you can continue to stuff it down just because you can’t see how it will happen – or you can step into it.

You can experience the joy and happiness and love and fulfillment I know you are starving for.

It’s literally a decision.

I am here to help you align with that future.

I did it myself, I have helped others and I can help you.