Adele Akrong, CHt.

Certified Hypnotherapist

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Heart Resonance Practitioner

It's important to me to help people increase the quality of their life - and by doing so, their family and their social circles will also benefit. I cannot think of a better way to do that than with hypnotherapy!  Many people think of hypnotherapy in regards to habits and weight loss - but the list is endless. In today's economy, it is so important for people to feel empowered - and that's what I do - that's how we will change the world.

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Are you having trouble reaching your goals? Is your goal something that you have achieved but cannot seem to maintain, like love, weight loss, smoking cessation or other habits; or maybe you're finally done with your stress, anxiety, insomnia and low self-confidence or is your goal something you haven’t yet actualized but you are striving towards, like career advancement, or new level of wealth and abundance. If this sounds like you, and let's be real, most people fit into one or more of these categories – hypnotherapy is for you!


By coming to my page, you have either acknowledged that there is an issue - but you don’t know where to start -  or you have been doing some personal development work but can't seem to bring your goals to life. We have all heard about "The Secret", the Law of Attraction and manifestation but what is not appropriately addressed is that its not so much what you think – its how you feel. Your mind is divided into two main categories, your conscious mind and your subconscious mind; your conscious mind is the decision maker - your subconscious mind is the reason why you make the decisions you make (!!!) (see the Your Mind tab for some great additional information on how your mind works).


It's your subconscious patterns that are hindering your growth and development.


To make matters more difficult, sometimes, you can identify the blockage that needs to be addressed and removed, but oftentimes its more difficult to identify those patterns because your subconscious mind is formed by age 7 and you were likely too young to remember the occurrence or the effect it had in shaping your life, your subconscious mind repressed those memories, or it’s a habitual pattern that you have yet to identify as a blockage.


What I can tell you is this – until you remove old programming and reprogram your subconscious mind, your patterns will likely continue.


Between the ages of 0-7 our conscious mind allows all information to flow through into our subconscious mind and that forms who we are and during later years we begin to duplicate those thoughts until they become habitual patterns. It's from the ages of 0-7 that we develop beliefs on love, finances, self-confidence, health, self-worth etc. What is troubling is that we have heard adults say "s/he is so young they don’t understand…" so parents will speak freely, argue, fight, cry and say loads of inappropriate things in front of children since they believe the information will not effect them – when the complete opposite is true. Not to place all the blame on parents, it is also how the child applies their own context to the information received – this is why siblings can grow up to have very different values and views.


I can help.


I am a Certified Hypnotherapist and a Clinical Hypnotherapist and I will work with you to identify your concern and help you reprogram your belief patterns which will help you achieve success in the area of your life you feel you are lacking.


When I tell people I am a Hypnotherapist they usually, first, ask if I perform stage shows and make people quack like a duck – no. Or, if I can walk up to a total stranger and take control of their minds – no, it doesn’t work like that. During our sessions you are in complete control of your body and mind and you are mentally present during the entire session. Think of it like an upgraded form of meditation.


If you are at the point where you want to start seeing some lasting results and achieve your goals –

call me!



20 minutes

Let's talk about how I can help


Once you get into alignment with what you want your future to look like – it will show up in your reality!


  • Mindset Alignment Mentorship

  • Mindset Alignment Program     

  • Mindset Alignment Masters Program


  • $200/session

  • Subconscious relearning / reprogramming / affirmation sessions are approx. 90 minutes long.

  • Transformative therapy sessions and smoking cessation sessions are approx. 2 hours long.

  • All hypnotherapy sessions are infused with Heart Resonance frequency.

  • In-person: I am a mobile service - meaning, I come to you!

  • Skype sessions: Available for local or international clients.




  • $200

  • 90% success rate in 1 session     

  • In-person or Skype session

Website is currently under new development.

I am not currently working with new clients at this time.

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Please email, text or call me for more information or to schedule your sessions.

Office: I am a mobile service - which means I come to you!

Travel: Lower Mainland (contact me to confirm location)

Email: MindfulAbundance@outlook.com

Phone/Text: 778-871-4710

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Website is currently under new development.

I am not currently working with new clients at this time.